The name Meredith is derived from Old Welsh. Until the last century it was a masculine name, but is now more often given as a feminine name, and is still a common surname in Wales. Commonly accepted meanings of the name are "Guardian of the Sea" or "Sea Lord."

In 2005, Meredith Taggart left her native Pacific Northwest and moved to California to study Viticulture & Enology at the University of California at Davis. Her intention was to return to Oregon upon graduating and work with Pinot noir - the variety that initially seduced her to join the wine industry. Instead, Meredith was offered the position of Enologist at Opus One in Oakville, CA where she remained until 2011.

After four vintages of Bordeaux varieties in California heat, Meredith, craving acidity, returned to Oregon determined to make bright, pure, and focused Riesling. Thus began Meredith Wines.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each bottle of Meredith Wines will be donated to the Ocean Foundation ( in memory of Meredith's Father, James Fain McGough, Jr., who loved the ocean.